Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The FITme collection.

Goodmorning Beauties! :) I've been trying out this foundation for a few weeks now and am now ready to tell you if it's worth it!

Maybelline FITme foundation - 230
Maybelline FITme shine free foundation - 240

So I purchased the FITme foundation along with the foundation stick to use a concealer. I liked that this foundation matched more of my skin-tone than other foundations that I've tried and that it gave me a nice medium coverage providing a kind of  dewy look but it was a bit too heavy on my skin later causing my skin to break out and I noticed that it tended to fade throughout the day.The foundation stick is pretty thick and creamy but it blends well! The foundation stick had excellent coverage but I do wish there was more product! I would definitely use this for fuller coverage looks and even use a darker shade to contour.I would probably try this if you have dry to combination skin  but definitely not oily skin.

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