Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Mark. Makeup Brushes

Hello Everyone! Today I'll be reviewing Mark's Gimme a Look 5-piece Pro Brush Set.
For those of you who don't know, mark. is a company affiliated with Avon; however, Mark sells products that are higher quality. My mom sells Avon/Mark's so I'm always looking for the best buys. I've mentioned one of Mark's products here and I've also done a makeup brush review that didn't turn out to be so great but I can assure you these turned out to be far better in quality and performance!

The Packaging:
Ok. I was really REALLY impressed by the packaging. Not only were these brushes gorgeous and gold but the foam box totally kept the brushes safe, in-tact, and beautifully packaged. Right. I'll stop drooling over the colors and the packaging and  get on with the performance of these brushes. :)

The Brushes:
1. Eyeliner Brush
Not as thin as I would've hoped but draws a great line. I like to use this to smear a bit of dark brown liner on the outer corner (close to the lashes) for a natural look.

2. Eyeshadow Brush
So soft and helps you build an eyeshadow color or easy to use for a swipe of quick eyeshadow.

3. Concealer Brush
This brush is a bit more dense which is great; however,I really need to purchase a liquid concealer because the stick concealer I'm using at the moment doesn't blend well even with my own fingers so I'll update this when I grab a better concealer.

4. Blush/Bronzer Brush
 I LOVE using this brush to blend out blush and bronzer for the days I do fancy a bit of a contour because it's so soft and does not leave any harsh lines!

5. Powder Brush
I was SUPER excited to use this one! AH! It's so perfectly shaped and soft. I went ahead and used this to blend my foundation out and fell in love with how natural my foundation looked. I used this in big circular motions and did the trick! Yes, this is my favourite brush of the set!

Overall Rating: 4/5
As you can see, these fit the bill in price, style, and quality. But I haven't even mentioned the most important part! How do these wash? Is there any fallout? The picture below was taken after a good wash and as you can see there was little to no fallout! Proof that these aren't too shabby :)

Thanks for reading! 
Does anyone else buy Avon/Mark? Let me know what your favorite products are?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Onboard the Holiday Sales!

WOW! Where have I been?! Long story short, I've been adjusting to school  and that definitely took a while!...but with Winter Break finally here I now have plenty of more time to write! 
Ain't nobody got money after buying gifts! But here I show you some of the things I got on sale! And although this is a beauty blog, I'd really like to show you all my style! Honestly it's a mix of so many things and of course it tends to change with the season. lol can't be wearin' no tank top in this cold! But here's just a small glimpse of my style especially now that I'm going to college, I just really like compfy tops comfy jeans and comfy shoes all while being super comfortable. 
Did I mention comfort?

(1) Old Navy Polka dot Top $8
Everyone knows I love wearing white/cream tops so of course I had to get this top! When I was at Old Navy, I saw this shirt and a small sign on the left read '75% off '! In disbelief I grabbed the small and the medium to try on!  I was so happy in the dressing room it didn't suffocate me neither did it fit me short. A lot of shirts always fit me short because I'm a bit tall and it covers my butt which I like; not only for jeans but for leggings! You can check out the top here but in store it costs less.

(2) Old Navy Statement Necklace $5
I love love love this pink! It reminds me exactly of strawberry milk gelatin or some sort of  blush colored candy! And I've recently been loving gold but I actually don't wear statement necklaces too often so that's why I've never bought one. But this one was on sale for such a low price I couldn't wait to finally get one!

(3) Merona Loafers in Cognac $10
I've honestly been wanting a pair of Sperry's for a long time but I can't bring myself to buy $70 shoes! Not only do they look cute but they also look super comfortable. And I know the shoes don't look quite like Sperry's but they these are absolutely comfortable and they are around the same type of style as Sperry's or Clarks. Needless to say, I got them because the price was equally as amazing! You can check out the shoes here but in store they cost less.

(4) H & M Plaid Flannel $23
Not all flannel are created equal! Is anyone with me?! I tried on so many flannels! From F21, HM, CottonOn, Aero, CharlotteRusse, and just about every other store but I couldn't find the right color,size, or material. I had tried on the perfect one when I went to HM when I went there like 2 weeks before Thanksgiving but I also couldn't bring myself to buy a flannel yet because it still wasn't that chilly in SoCal and it seemed a bit expensive to me! But I actually ended up regretting it because it sold out so many times and it was until a couple days ago that it was online in my size! EW I know $23 was a bit of a splurge but I don't buy that often from stores...:)

(5) NY & Company Rings $6
I love rings! These were on sale as well and I do like getting rings and jewelry from       Forever 21 and H&M but it tends to break and tarnish real bad real fast but the quality of NY&C jewelry is a bit better. The price seems to fluctuate but you can check them out here.

Hope you all liked a fashion haul! I'm sometimes a bit weary of posting things like this because some things aren't available in stores anymore but I hope you all liked this!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! :)