Friday, September 19, 2014

The goldbrushes.

Happy Friday everyone! Can 10 brushes for $8 be real?! Is it worth it? 
Then keep on scrolling to find out!

As you can see I definitely have been 'testing' these to bits!:) Nevertheless, I wanted to review each brush individually starting with 

1. Angled stipple brush
I love using this to blend and contour with darker foundations on the temples, cheekbones and jawline but the brush had plenty of  fallout.

2. Flat top stipple brush
I thought this would be the best for foundations but it didn't blend well and it had plenty of fallout.

3. Contour brush
I have no complaints! It contoured beautifully and DID NOT have fallout!:)

4. Kabuki brush
I am so sad that this brush had the MOST fallout, it was the best at blending/ buffing foundations! 

5. Angled Kabuki brush
I use this with my shimmer cubes ( highlighter) on my cheek bonesand love how it does so perfectly!:) But this brush again has plenty of fallout.

Overall: Although these brushes are soft, dense, and cheap, only after the first few washes*did these began to have fallout (look closely at the picture below). Also, I had to glue 2 of them back together because they were poorly attached. These are NOT worth buying.

* I wash my brushes with a mix of olive oil/dishsoap and dry them upside down*
Brushes listed in order from Left to Right

Negative review aside, here's a more positive one on the

The Eye Set:
1. Small stipple brush
I love how beautifully it blends out even the harshest colors.

2. Crease blender brush
If I don't use brush #3, I opt for this one for a softer look.

3. Eye contour brush
This is dense enough but soft enough to work into the crease of the eyes and is literally my favourite!

4. Angled brush
This one is great for a smokey look.

5. Angled stipple brush
Again, great for blending.

Overall: These have little to no fallout and blend eyeshadows beautifully! I definitely recommend these and the price is just as amazing!:)
Brushes listed in order from Left to Right

The shipping:
I ordered these from Dresslink with free shipping and from China to California- this took about 3-4 weeks to arrive. You can definitely pay $5-10 more for faster service but I was just being cheap!:) Despite free shipping, the brushes still came in tact!:)

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope my in-depth review wasn't too long!:)
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