Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Refresh VoxBox!

Hello! How is everyone? With exams coming up and Spring Break just around the corner, here are some products that you might want to consider!

842 Medium Beige

Beauty Bits
1.Covergirl UltraSmooth Foundation: Medium Beige $12.99-$16.99
Ok. There are several things wrong with this product. So the foundation comes with a pink silicone applicator and it did nothing. The foundation claims to smooth out the little hairs on the face but the consistency of the foundation is odd in that it appears thin but ends up tugging on your skin when you apply it and makes the hairs on your face look white. But what about the coverage? I tried applying this with the silcone applicator, my hands, and a makeup brush and everytime the coverage was bad. It did not look natural unless you really backed away from the mirror. The foundation emphasized the look of pores, fine lines, dryness, and everything else! And removing this foundation was weird too like I really had to use Coconut Oil to break it down. DON'T TRY THIS. If you're looking for a better and more affordable foundation from Covergirl I would definitely try the Covergirl Ready Set Goregous one.

2.L'OCCITANE Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream $5 (8ml)/ $28 (50ml)
Such cute packaging! This lotion reminds me of a little cream a grandma would have in her purse. It has the classic lightly perfumed scent of baby powder and grandmas.Yes that is my description! It's nice to have in your purse for a little bit of dry hand action or at night before you sleep. Sometimes it's a nice to have something in your bag that does not fill your nose with harsh tropical or berry fragances. Wish this had SPF!

3.Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques $1.49
Wow! I got the  Manuka Honey and Jasmine ones. These smell amazing! The smell totally reminded me of ancient times somewhere in Egypt yea because I totally lived in that period!lol. I only had to use half of one bag for my face and it was really easy to peel off! Try not to leave it on for too long though as it might get harder to peel off. My skin defintiely felt and looked better. These would be great gifts for girls that don't have time to pamper themsleves or really need a skin pick-me-up. The aroma relaxes you and gives you enough time to apply and remove before you hit the door! I LOVE that these are cheap too! 

Minty Bits
1.Listerine PocketPaks $1.40
Ya'll these are lifesavers! I prefer these over chewing gum and mints. When I'm at school all day and have a coffee with my hummus cucumber sandwhich you know things in the breath department don't look so great so  I end up needing to freshen my breath before my next class starts. Everyone says these are too strong but they're just right for me!

2.DenTek Fun Flossers (75 count) $2.19-$3.39
DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks $1.39
These are just great to have anytime and anywhere. Even if you don't eat meat does anyone else get orange strings stuck in their mouth from eating oranges? The STRUGGLE. Overall, these are super affordable and handy to use.

Food Bits
1.Beanitos Chips: Restaurant Style and Nacho Cheese $3.49
These are FANTASTIC. They're totally VEGAN. I'm not a vegan but I definitely appreciate my chips especially ones that are healthy! Don't believe me? Just check out their website! I think I'll end buying these the most!

2.Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bars: Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate 
Let's just say someone in my family ate this one therefore I don't know exactly how delicious it was but they claim that it was great! At 150 calories these are great for that midday snack!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Nighttime Skincare Routine!

I'm sure everyone and their mom knows that coconut oil is like the the most basic and yet the most AMAZING beauty product on the shelves. Not only does it save your itchy and chapped winter skin or dry hair ends but you can cook with it and use it to completely melt the makeup off your skin. I should probably mention that I've had this jar for about 2 years now and I've used this for just about everything but I didn't start using it as a makeup remover until this year. I know coconut oil tends to clog pores so that's why I never used it as a makeup remover BUT my sister gave me her facial cleanser (the yellow bottle pictured above) and they worked perfectly together.

So I use the coconut oil first to break down the mascara, foundation, concealer, etc. (it basically removes everything) and without washing it off I start blending both the cleanser and oil into my skin and I wash it off with some lukewarm water. If I use the oil alone it'll clog my pores and if I use the cleanser alone it really dries out my skin but together they are perfect.

I got this prescribed to me a couple years ago when I had a bit of cystic acne but I remember this really cleared up my skin! But last December and early November I started noticing and feeling the painful pimples growing on my face again so I asked to get this prescribed because other drugstore items just aren't as effective. This works even better if you don't wear makeup but it's totally worth it in the end!

I reviewed this product a while ago in my August favorites and I still use it every so often for my under my eyes when I don't  get enough rest but honestly it's just nice to have any eye treatment to moistuize one of the drier areas of my face.

4. ANEW Rejuvantate Night Revitalizing Night Cream
Avon isn't selling this cream anymore but they have many like it. I think it is just extremely important to mositurize at night since the skin repairs itself at night and the winter time tends to dry out skin. I like to  moisturize my under eye area and my laugh lines.

And if I didn't already have a lot on my face already I just like to seal all the moisture in my skin with this cream. This is actually my everday cream as well! I just really wish it had SPF! The California sun is killing my skin.-_-

What are your favorite face/eye creams? 
Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Mark. Makeup Brushes

Hello Everyone! Today I'll be reviewing Mark's Gimme a Look 5-piece Pro Brush Set.
For those of you who don't know, mark. is a company affiliated with Avon; however, Mark sells products that are higher quality. My mom sells Avon/Mark's so I'm always looking for the best buys. I've mentioned one of Mark's products here and I've also done a makeup brush review that didn't turn out to be so great but I can assure you these turned out to be far better in quality and performance!

The Packaging:
Ok. I was really REALLY impressed by the packaging. Not only were these brushes gorgeous and gold but the foam box totally kept the brushes safe, in-tact, and beautifully packaged. Right. I'll stop drooling over the colors and the packaging and  get on with the performance of these brushes. :)

The Brushes:
1. Eyeliner Brush
Not as thin as I would've hoped but draws a great line. I like to use this to smear a bit of dark brown liner on the outer corner (close to the lashes) for a natural look.

2. Eyeshadow Brush
So soft and helps you build an eyeshadow color or easy to use for a swipe of quick eyeshadow.

3. Concealer Brush
This brush is a bit more dense which is great; however,I really need to purchase a liquid concealer because the stick concealer I'm using at the moment doesn't blend well even with my own fingers so I'll update this when I grab a better concealer.

4. Blush/Bronzer Brush
 I LOVE using this brush to blend out blush and bronzer for the days I do fancy a bit of a contour because it's so soft and does not leave any harsh lines!

5. Powder Brush
I was SUPER excited to use this one! AH! It's so perfectly shaped and soft. I went ahead and used this to blend my foundation out and fell in love with how natural my foundation looked. I used this in big circular motions and did the trick! Yes, this is my favourite brush of the set!

Overall Rating: 4/5
As you can see, these fit the bill in price, style, and quality. But I haven't even mentioned the most important part! How do these wash? Is there any fallout? The picture below was taken after a good wash and as you can see there was little to no fallout! Proof that these aren't too shabby :)

Thanks for reading! 
Does anyone else buy Avon/Mark? Let me know what your favorite products are?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Onboard the Holiday Sales!

WOW! Where have I been?! Long story short, I've been adjusting to school  and that definitely took a while!...but with Winter Break finally here I now have plenty of more time to write! 
Ain't nobody got money after buying gifts! But here I show you some of the things I got on sale! And although this is a beauty blog, I'd really like to show you all my style! Honestly it's a mix of so many things and of course it tends to change with the season. lol can't be wearin' no tank top in this cold! But here's just a small glimpse of my style especially now that I'm going to college, I just really like compfy tops comfy jeans and comfy shoes all while being super comfortable. 
Did I mention comfort?

(1) Old Navy Polka dot Top $8
Everyone knows I love wearing white/cream tops so of course I had to get this top! When I was at Old Navy, I saw this shirt and a small sign on the left read '75% off '! In disbelief I grabbed the small and the medium to try on!  I was so happy in the dressing room it didn't suffocate me neither did it fit me short. A lot of shirts always fit me short because I'm a bit tall and it covers my butt which I like; not only for jeans but for leggings! You can check out the top here but in store it costs less.

(2) Old Navy Statement Necklace $5
I love love love this pink! It reminds me exactly of strawberry milk gelatin or some sort of  blush colored candy! And I've recently been loving gold but I actually don't wear statement necklaces too often so that's why I've never bought one. But this one was on sale for such a low price I couldn't wait to finally get one!

(3) Merona Loafers in Cognac $10
I've honestly been wanting a pair of Sperry's for a long time but I can't bring myself to buy $70 shoes! Not only do they look cute but they also look super comfortable. And I know the shoes don't look quite like Sperry's but they these are absolutely comfortable and they are around the same type of style as Sperry's or Clarks. Needless to say, I got them because the price was equally as amazing! You can check out the shoes here but in store they cost less.

(4) H & M Plaid Flannel $23
Not all flannel are created equal! Is anyone with me?! I tried on so many flannels! From F21, HM, CottonOn, Aero, CharlotteRusse, and just about every other store but I couldn't find the right color,size, or material. I had tried on the perfect one when I went to HM when I went there like 2 weeks before Thanksgiving but I also couldn't bring myself to buy a flannel yet because it still wasn't that chilly in SoCal and it seemed a bit expensive to me! But I actually ended up regretting it because it sold out so many times and it was until a couple days ago that it was online in my size! EW I know $23 was a bit of a splurge but I don't buy that often from stores...:)

(5) NY & Company Rings $6
I love rings! These were on sale as well and I do like getting rings and jewelry from       Forever 21 and H&M but it tends to break and tarnish real bad real fast but the quality of NY&C jewelry is a bit better. The price seems to fluctuate but you can check them out here.

Hope you all liked a fashion haul! I'm sometimes a bit weary of posting things like this because some things aren't available in stores anymore but I hope you all liked this!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! :)