Friday, August 8, 2014

The summer craze.

So I just had to do this blog post because these are on sale for $3 and they are absolutely amazing! My mom first purchased one because it was on sale but once she wore the Metallic Sands one as a liner, we were both in shock at how well they performed!

They are crazy pigmented and don't even crease! And they have 2 colors so you are definitely getting your moneys worth! For only $3 each, my mom just had to buy all of them, I think these can easily be used as a liner, highlighter, base for eyeshadows, etc. Whether it's summer or winter, I would definitely use these year round!

Crayons Shown from Left to Right
Island Waters, Metallic Sands, Tropical Orchid, Coral Crush

Hope you give them a try and follow my blog for more reviews! :)

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