Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Nighttime Skincare Routine!

I'm sure everyone and their mom knows that coconut oil is like the the most basic and yet the most AMAZING beauty product on the shelves. Not only does it save your itchy and chapped winter skin or dry hair ends but you can cook with it and use it to completely melt the makeup off your skin. I should probably mention that I've had this jar for about 2 years now and I've used this for just about everything but I didn't start using it as a makeup remover until this year. I know coconut oil tends to clog pores so that's why I never used it as a makeup remover BUT my sister gave me her facial cleanser (the yellow bottle pictured above) and they worked perfectly together.

So I use the coconut oil first to break down the mascara, foundation, concealer, etc. (it basically removes everything) and without washing it off I start blending both the cleanser and oil into my skin and I wash it off with some lukewarm water. If I use the oil alone it'll clog my pores and if I use the cleanser alone it really dries out my skin but together they are perfect.

I got this prescribed to me a couple years ago when I had a bit of cystic acne but I remember this really cleared up my skin! But last December and early November I started noticing and feeling the painful pimples growing on my face again so I asked to get this prescribed because other drugstore items just aren't as effective. This works even better if you don't wear makeup but it's totally worth it in the end!

I reviewed this product a while ago in my August favorites and I still use it every so often for my under my eyes when I don't  get enough rest but honestly it's just nice to have any eye treatment to moistuize one of the drier areas of my face.

4. ANEW Rejuvantate Night Revitalizing Night Cream
Avon isn't selling this cream anymore but they have many like it. I think it is just extremely important to mositurize at night since the skin repairs itself at night and the winter time tends to dry out skin. I like to  moisturize my under eye area and my laugh lines.

And if I didn't already have a lot on my face already I just like to seal all the moisture in my skin with this cream. This is actually my everday cream as well! I just really wish it had SPF! The California sun is killing my skin.-_-

What are your favorite face/eye creams? 
Thanks for reading! :)

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